How to Get Paid to Post Ads Online or Offline

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Would you like to make some extra money by posting ads?

Advertisers always look for new and creative ways to get their message out. Social media is the perfect place for that.

Companies are hiring people to post ads for money on social media, and you could be one of those people.

There’s unlimited potential for earnings with the right advertising strategies. You can either earn cash on the side or learn how to take your business full time.

This blog post will tell you how to get paid to post ads. So keep reading if you’re interested in making some extra money.

Two Ways to Get Paid to Post Ads

Income opportunities through advertising are very common in the modern era.

There are two main ways you can make money posting ads. Either as an affiliate, which means promoting other companies’ products through your posts on various platforms, or becoming a freelance advertisement poster for companies.

Affiliate marketing

So, how much do affiliate commissions pay?

The truth is that it depends on the company and what product they have for sale. There are some apps where you can get $5, but other programs offer more lucrative rates.

For example, if someone purchases a course that costs hundreds of dollars, your earnings may be between 40%-50%.

You could make boatloads of money by promoting a few products on the internet. You have to find affiliate networks looking for promotors, which isn’t hard.

The best part about this opportunity? There’s no upfront investment – everything starts from scratch with each new customer who signs up with your ad.

It doesn’t matter how small their purchase or niche interests may seem; if they buy something online, chances are good we can help them get what they want faster than ever before…all while also earning some extra cash in return.


You can become an ad manager for small businesses. Find companies that need help promoting their products and services on social media platforms.

You can usually get this job through your local Yellow Pages or White-Glove directory. But there is also always plenty of opportunities online to post ads for money.

You might be able to sell ad management services and post ads on behalf of companies looking at increasing their reach.

Start An online ad agency

Investing in your ad agency is another way to make money online.

You don’t need extensive experience or knowledge about social media marketing, as long as you can find clients willing to pay for advertisements on Facebook ads, Twitter campaigns, etc.

Then there’s always room at an advertiser’s table. A fitness studio might be great for teaching people how to stay fit. But not so much when it comes down to having their name out into digital space where everyone sees what they’re up to.

If only they had some expert advice from someone where you can come into play to post ads for money.

You will need a list of businesses in the advertising market with money.

So get started making some calls today, and don’t forget about using any available email lists.

Best Ways to Get Paid by Posting Ads Online

If you know how to post ads, then it’s a fun job to get paid just for posting ads online. Let’s find some ways to make money posting ads online.

1. Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads are one of the best ways to get targeted attention. It’s much cheaper than hiring a marketing agency to get the word out and much more effective if done correctly.

You can get started with Facebook ads by simply opening a business account. This is true for companies and individuals looking to get their names out there. There are so many uses for these ad services that it’s truly mindblowing. 

So many people have made an absolute killing using social media to get people interested in what they offer.

You can get started to post ads for money with as little as $1 per day.

post ads on Facebook

But don’t forget;  you need to get your name out there first before people start clicking on those Facebook ads. Once you get a few hundred likes on your Facebook page, you’ll get noticed more often.

To start with Facebook ads, you need to get a business account and schedule your ad, which isn’t hard. Once your ad goes live, it can take up to 24 hours for people to start seeing it. So make sure that whatever you’re advertising is ready to go live the next day.

The easiest way to make money on Facebook is by uploading a post about the product you want to promote.

You can then use Ads to drive highly-targeted traffic, with an average conversion rate of 1%-3%. If your chosen promotion has high commission rates for these types of products, then it will still be profitable.

Sell Your Own Products

However, if you want to make a lot of money off your Facebook ads, then it’s best to post links and sell products that are uniquely yours.

Online courses are so popular these days and easy enough for anyone with an idea (and some creativity). There has never been more opportunity than now.

A good quality microphone can be purchased for under $100 on Amazon. Film yourself and create courses that help people solve their problems.

If there’s a subject that interests you and explores it in-depth, consider writing an ebook.

The profits from these books are usually much higher than what one would earn through traditional publishers. Because they’re sold digitally for $20-$50 each instead of printing costs.

You could set up systems to automate all aspects of advertising your product – including how customers automatically receive instructions upon purchase.

2. Start a Blog

You can make money posting ads for companies by starting a blog. All you have to do is come up with a name, register a domain and start posting content. It’s pretty simple.

You can start by getting in touch with some of the companies that you want to advertise for. Ask them if they would allow you to write sponsored posts on your blog.

Once they say yes, write up a post about their product or service and get that post published on your blog.

After getting the ball rolling with your first sponsored post, contact some more companies.

Show ads

There are many ways you can make money with a blog these days, like Google Adsense and MediaVine.

Signing up for any of those services is easy as pie – all it takes from now on will be maintaining your site consistently by adding new content regularly, which should help attract potential readers.

You can get paid to post ads online on your websites in the range of $1 to $100 per 1k page views.

3. Pinterest Advertising

You can get started with advertising on Pinterest by simply creating an account.

It’s quick and easy to do. Once you have a business account set up, you can start scheduling your ads to get started with little money.

Pinterest is a great way to get exposed; you have to get your creative juices flowing. With Pinterest, it’s about providing value to others. Rather than selling directly, which can be hard for some people who are used to making money online with ClickBank affiliate links.

This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s about building a small empire by getting as many pins as possible and getting those pins noticed.

This is where the money will start flowing in.

post ads for money on Pinterest

When you create an ad on Pinterest, your pin will be placed near the top of search results for whatever keyword or phrase you’re targeting.

This means people have a much greater chance to see this advertisement than if they had posted without using a paid promotion, and some have reported clicks as low as $0.10 each.

The great thing about Pinterest ads is that there’s no monthly fee. Instead, it depends on how many times someone clicks through from one of your pins. You can also link your pins to blog posts with affiliate links or sell something, or you can directly place affiliate links in pins.

4. Instagram Advertising

Make money posting ads for companies on Instagram.

With over 1 billion users, get noticed and get business. You can get started with advertising on Instagram by creating an account.

Instagram is a great way to get exposed.

You can either purchase ads on the platform, or you can become an Influencer.

Purchasing ads on Instagram

Purchasing ads on Instagram is very simple. You can choose the type of ad you want to buy and where it will appear.

For example, if your company sells clothing with an online shopping cart system. Then you might have a landing page or funnel for visitors looking at products but don’t need them right now.

This would be a perfect fit because people usually scroll past these pages before purchasing something from within the site’s environment.

Earn Money as an Instagram influencer

If you want to make money on Instagram, becoming an Instagram Influencer is the way.

When your account grows in popularity and starts receiving offers from companies that pay good money for sponsored posts on their products or services with high engagement rates- take them.

5. Post Ads on YouTube

YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google. Get your ads out there.

You can get started with advertising on YouTube by creating an account.

You can earn money by purchasing ads on the platform or starting your youtube channel.

Post ads on YouTube

Purchasing YouTube ads is a simple way to make money with this platform.

Some products or services are in high demand. For example, the beauty industry can be an excellent choice because women want new makeup tips daily.

The process starts by purchasing ad space, which goes directly onto your website when people click on them. Unlike other platforms where there may only 1 out of 100 viewers actually purchase something from these types of commercials. Here you can expect higher conversion rates.

YouTube ads

Start a YouTube channel

You can make money by starting a Youtube channel and posting other’s ads.

When you opt-in to have advertisements placed on your videos, some of these are pay-per-view. This means that when someone watches a short video, you will earn a commission.

The others provide an affiliate link for people who want more information about the product/service being advertised. They can click through directly from their computer without leaving YouTube. If possible, mention this during playback, so viewers know where it is available.

The great thing about starting a YouTube channel is that you don’t need an audience immediately.

You can make videos and put them out there without worrying too much if people will subscribe or watch. Remember it might take some time before your first few viewers convert into subscribers.

But once they find your channel, there is a huge audience when you get going.

6. Be a Social Media Manager

If you would like to get paid to post ads for companies, get creative and get started as a social media manager.

All businesses know that advertising on social media is a great way to attract customers. But, many don’t realize what they can do with Facebook ads and how easy it could be.

Learning these tips will help you get started to post ads for money in no time at all. However, there may still be some curveballs along your journey ahead.

You can start by getting in touch with some of the companies that you want to advertise for. Ask them if they would allow you to manage their social media accounts.

Once they say yes, start by finding out what their target audience is on social media. Post a couple of times daily with updates that will appeal to them to get more followers.

This type of work is usually done via contract. You can get paid up to $2k per client monthly if they give repeat business every week or so.

Your rate might be lower initially, but as your list grows, this will change.

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How to Make Money Posting Ads Offline

If you want to get paid to post ads, there is not only an online option, but you can also make money by posting ads offline.

Here are a few of them.

7. Get Paid to Post Ads on Local Places

You can start a small business by posting ads for local businesses. You come across so many advertisements in your day-to-day lives at places like Bus stands, college notice boards, and many more such places.

Someone has to paste those ads at those places. You can be that guy and start posting ads for other people.

You then have to pick up the ad posters and post them at different places, and you will earn money for the number of posters you do in a day.

If you are a student, you can start making money by posting ads in your college and its surrounding areas.

It can be a good side hustle to make extra cash while taking your classes. Or you can even start a small business where you hire students to post ads for you and pay them money.

If you make a good name for yourself, you can start getting more work and grow your business. I know a few people who have made a ton of money doing this work during their college days.

8. Get Paid to Advertise with Your Car

If you want to get paid to post ads for companies, get paid to show ads on your car.

You can start by contacting some of the companies you want to advertise for and ask them if they would be willing to pay you per mile that you drive.

If you get a company to agree to pay you per mile that you drive, get your car ready for an ad campaign.

Make sure that your vehicle is presentable for this type of advertising. Make sure it is clean.

Currently, this type of advertising is not legal in every state. In California, for example, you cannot get paid to post ads on your vehicle because it’s considered a distraction to other drivers. On the other hand, states like New Jersey and Illinois allow these types of campaigns.

This type of advertising can get you hundreds of dollars per month.

Here are some legit car wrap companies.

  1. Wrapify – Wrapify is an innovative way to get paid for driving around town. The app can be downloaded, and it will calculate how much visibility you had during the trip, which affects what price they offer per mile driven.
  2. Carvertise – This innovative service is the first of its kind in which users are given complete control over whether they want certain advertisers on their vehicle or not.

This sounds too good to be true. But the truth is, it may just work out that you can have your car paid for by this idea. All they need from you are some basic information, and you’re done driving around in style.

9. Get a Temporary Tattoo

Did you know that some companies want their advertisements put on your body?

A company called Skin Motion will get advertisements tattooed on customers who want this type of advertising.

get paid for tattoos

If you’re interested in getting paid for a temporary tattoo, get a hold of a company that can get these types of tattoos designed and created.

Make sure the company is reliable, get the terms of the agreement down, and get ready to get paid.

You can get paid per week for this type of advertising.

Mix and Match Different Opportunities 

There are a lot of different advertising platforms out there, so it might take some time and effort to find the right one for you. You can master this work of posting ads for money with some experimenting.

Try not to be afraid of combining opportunities. If you start a blog, mix it up by advertising through one of the ad networks on your website and promoting affiliate products with paid social media ads like Facebook or Pinterest.

You could then create your digital product and promote it through paid ads that link back to a landing page or sales funnel. This is the strategy most bloggers use to break through six-figure ceilings.

Conclusion on How to Get Paid to Post Ads

With so many ways to make money posting ads online, it’s hard to decide where to start.

The opportunity is incredible and can be a great way for those looking for work-from-home jobs with flexible hours and those who don’t want the hassle of answering to a boss or dealing with a commute and working on someone else’s schedule.

You can learn how to make money posting ads, but you have to be willing and take the initiative. With enough practice, not only will your skills improve, but so will your earnings.

If you have tried any of these methods before, I would love it if you could let me know which ones worked best for you in the comments.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has regulations in place to protect the integrity of advertising. If you are promoting sponsored content, consumers must know about your relationship with this company and how they might benefit from what you have said or written.

The internet is a quick and easy way to share content with others, but when you’re writing blogs, everyone must know what they are reading.

For example: if I write an article about the pros and cons of an app, then people might sign up for that app because of that review. On the other hand, there could be times when we want certain brands featured in our stories. At these moments, disclosure becomes crucial so consumers know whether their thoughts/opinions come from being compensated financially and ethically.