How to Get Paid to Nap in 2024

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Let’s learn about the real opportunities that pay good bucks just for sleeping!

Getting paid to sleep may sound farfetched, but it’s a real opportunity.

The phrase “get paid to sleep” has been around for decades, and even many companies include it in their job description. However, the ability to get paid to sleep has never materialized.

But now, there are many opportunities for you to make money while sleeping, ranging from testing sleep products to sleeping jobs for medical studies.

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If you want to get paid to take a nap, continue reading to know your options.

1. Become a Sleep Product Tester

Sleep products are all the rage, but did you know there are ways to make money reviewing them?

The first option includes starting up your health and wellness blog. You can create posts reviewing the mattresses or bedding.

Give details about how each product worked for you, and also include the affiliate links so that other people can buy if they’re interested.

Another method to get paid to nap would be checking out Respondent (a site where users work as paid respondents) or, which offer opportunities to do sleep studies or jobs that pay you to sleep.

Just remember not every person who signs onto these websites will get the job immediately. You can earn about $50-$200 per week if selected.

2. Mystery Shop at Hotels with Coyle

The next option is to try out as a Coyle Mystery Shopping Evaluator.

This interesting gig will get your feet wet in the hotel management industry and earn extra cash at hotels all over southeast Asia.

As a mystery shopper, keeping detailed records of what you found during your stay is essential. From how comfortable the mattress was (or whether there were bugs) to how welcoming the staff members were.

The more honest feedback you give, the better chance of improving their products/services. So sign up now to get started.

3. Apply for Sleep Standards 

Sleep Standards is currently searching for one lucky person who’ll receive up to $2,000 to participate in a five-night sleep study.

The company’s website says that a few nights will be spent sleeping indoors in an adjusted environment, and they will change the room’s settings daily.

They are looking forward to not just your ratings (1-10) but also a written report about your sleep experience!

Not a bad deal at all. I will go even if I do not get paid a dime to sleep in a five-star hotel for free.

4. Find Sleep Studies on Craigslist

There are paid sleep opportunities for anyone willing to take a nap now and then. Some places even pay people based on how much good sleep they get during the test. Seriously.

Check Craigslist ads from sleep centers and local universities looking for volunteers interested in participating in their studies and reviewing stuff like mattress quality, noise levels, temperature changes, etc.

Few studies involve studying your sleep habits, which can be anything related to sleep.

Just look for ads and apply.

If you have some sleep disorder that the researchers are interested in studying, you can earn more for sleeping.

5. Get Paid to Stream Commercials/Videos While Sleeping

With the rise in popularity of online streaming, many people have been guilty of falling asleep while watching their favorite shows.

The good thing about this is that you can make money off these moments! Play commercials on your smartphone on mute and go to sleep.

There are various apps/websites which will pay for your commercial plays. So take advantage of available options and start making some more money.

6. Find caretaking Jobs is the best site for getting caring gigs, and you can also find opportunities to care for older folks.

Look out for overnight positions that will maximize your paid sleep earnings with Care, such as when people need someone at home with kids while on vacation, so all of these hours count towards your earnings.

get paid to sleep on

Earn money for sleeping jobs at someone’s home for free.

But, be prepared to wake up when that kid you are taking care of wakes up, or granny needs help to go to the bathroom or needs some medicine in the early morning.

7. Become an Overnight House/Dog Sitter

House owners need someone to take care of their pets while away. As a house-sitter, you can get paid for sleeping at somebody’s home and caring about four-legged friends.

Even few people don’t leave their homes alone.

So you can stay at their house when they are away. You might need to do small jobs like watering plants, taking care of pets, etc.

Makes perfect sense. It’s easy using to find homeowners looking for someone to take care of their homes in their absence to keep away the burglars.

8. Get Paid to Sleep With Sleep Junkie

Sleep Junkie is a company that pays people to sleep. They are always looking for “Sleeping Beauties.” You will be compensated with money and products, but there are more than just the regular financial incentives here.

Sleepers can also win $1000 to $2000 worth of mattresses by testing out three different mattress models over time. The study lasts about two months (6 weeks each).

You will also be paid an additional $3000 upon the study’s conclusion.

get paid to sleep with sleep junkie

9. Review Hotels for a Travel Blog

With the rise in the popularity of digital media, you can get paid for writing reviews and articles about hotels!

Start your travel blog by sleeping at various places around town or on vacation.

Just create an agreement that will work out for you and the hotel you stay in. The hotels will get publicity through positive reviews online.

Your travel blogs would help others shortlist their next vacation without spending much time researching it.

This way, you can get free night stays and get well paid if you have many followers.

10. Sleep Executive

Interior specialists regularly hire sleep executives to test various curtains, blinds, and shutters while designing the bedrooms.

The executives are given varying conditions like light intensity levels to see what variant works best for good sleep.

With so many people suffering from sleep issues these days, it’s essential to find ways of helping them.

One way is to experiment where a tester wears a device that determines how different variables affect your bedtime routine and then reports back with what worked best for better restful nights.

These sleep executives can earn $100 to $200 per night for sleeping.

11. Become a Sleep Coach

Do you know someone suffering from insomnia? I bet you do. According to a study by Forbes magazine in 2017, an estimated 50 million people are struggling with lack or poor quality of sleep.

The good news is that they can get help from qualified coaches who offer services like different sessions and courses where people can learn to manage their time so that work doesn’t affect their sleep.

You can publish eBooks on your business website.

12. Get Paid to Sleep for NASA

NASA frequently conducts bed rest studies to help astronauts in space. You can use this professional sleeping job to get paid and contribute to science if you are eligible.

During the trial, you’ll be placed into a six-degree head tilt position which will help scientists to learn how our brain adapts to changing situations.

The openings for these positions can be checked online on the NASA website.

More Ways to Get Paid While You Sleep

Check out these passive income opportunities to get paid while sleeping. Once you set up your first stream, you don’t have to do extra work afterward.

13. Invest Your Money

Investing your money is the best option if you want to earn money in your sleep. You can go through my post to guide you to invest your money correctly. Investing your money wisely would add to your passive income.

Investing in real estate with Fundrise is one way to make money while you sleep. All it takes is money and letting the market do all the hard work for us.

With direct investment, your earnings can increase by 500%. And the best part about this is you don’t need any experience or knowledge about how these things work.

If you don’t have enough money to start an investment, don’t worry; start with Acorns. It will save change every time you purchase and invest it for you.

invest money to get paid in sleep

14. Publish a Book on Amazon Kindle Direct 

Kindle Direct is an excellent option for those looking to self-publish their book. You need an idea of what to write and then write it.

With 70% royalty on sales, this could be profitable if you’re willing to work hard enough at making your stories popular with potential readers who want a creative escape from reality or just some good reading.


Whenever your book makes a sale, you get the money. It does not matter what you are doing, sleeping, or jogging; money will keep rolling in your account passively for your upfront work.

15. Start a Blog and Earn Money in Sleep

There are many ways to get paid in your sleep with blog writing.

One way is by simply creating quality content regularly and then promoting it through social media or other online channels without directly asking for money from the readers.


You can monetize your blog with ads or affiliate networks. Money will come naturally if people enjoy reading what you have written.

The more people come to your blog, the more money you make.

And, of course, you will be earning with your blog even while you are sleeping. A blog doesn’t require much effort to run when you are not trying to expand it.

16. Launch a YouTube channel

With its parent company Alphabet, YouTube pays around $1 to $2 per 1K views. You can produce passive revenue after reaching 10K views, but there’s also a minimum payout threshold of $100.

Create content and forget about it. It will be viewed by a worldwide audience and make you money even when you sleep.


You can also make money in your sleep with a youtube channel by streaming videos of yourself sleeping.

Recently, a guy got famous on Youtube where he was streaming himself in sleep, and viewers could disturb him in different ways by paying.

17. Rent Out a Room In Your Home

How would you like to make some extra money by renting out a room in your home? With Airbnb, it’s possible.


Sign up and start hosting guests worldwide, each paying for the room, whether it’s just one night or several.

You can also rent part of the house and make money while you sleep in your bedroom.

18. Line Sitter 

This might be fun and different side hustles for people who can sleep anywhere.

The job of a line sitter is to stand in place so someone can skip the long wait. As this position suggests, it requires waiting around and being patient.

Many times, like the launch of some new product or auditions, people have to wait in lines overnight.

Some people get paid well for doing this job that doesn’t seem too difficult at first glance.

Final Thoughts on How to Get Paid to Sleep

Sleep is an essential part of life. But now, there are many ways you can get paid to sleep, from reviewing hotels or live-streaming yourself while asleep. There’s always something new. Sometimes it just takes brainstorming outside the box before we find success in our side hustles.

With so many opportunities to make money while sleeping, it’s hard to know which one might work best for you. In the comments section below, let me know what opportunity worked for you.

I hope this post has given you some ideas on how to make some dollars while you take a nap.

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