How to Make 200 Dollars Fast in 2024: 38 Legit Ways

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Do you need some extra cash? Here are 38 legitimate ways to make $200 fast right now!

If you need quick cash and are looking for ways to make 200 dollars fast, you’re in luck. There are many ways to make $200 fast.

In this blog post, we will discuss a few methods that can help you earn money quickly. Whether you want to take some odd jobs or sell some stuff online, there are plenty of ways to make money fast.

There will definitely be a few of them that will suit you and make $200 fast or even more.

So read on and find out how you can get your hands on some extra cash today.

How to Get 200 Dollars Fastest

There are several ways to get $200 fast. You could rent some stuff online or do some under the table jobs for quick cash. But if you want the money fastest, here are a few ideas :

  • Sell plasma: Plasma donation centers will pay you cash for your blood plasma. The average payout is around $50 per donation. Just find a plasma donation center near your home and make some fast cash.
  • Take a loan: For immediate needs, you can take a loan from family or friends. If these options are unavailable, you can take a loan from Oppoloans, who will process your loan within one day. While taking a loan, be sure that you will be able to pay back the loan in time. Otherwise, you will be burdened with interest payments.

We all have time in our lives when we search on google for “how to make money right now.” That is the thing about life, anything can happen, and you might need a few hundred dollars immediately.

If you are in that situation and looking for ways to make $200 fast, here is the complete list of things you can do to make money right now.

How to Make 200 Dollars Fast

1. Take A Loan

If you need $200 right now, the easiest option is to get a personal loan.

The OppLoans moneylender specializes in installment loans and offers fast funding with minimal qualification requirements.

The company is a popular option for individuals that need quick access to loans. While the term lengths are usually more flexible than traditional payday lenders, they still have higher interest rates than some other providers.

Oppoloan does not require credit checks, so bad-credit borrowers can also get approved.

Whatever your reason for taking a loan, OppLoans can help. With no credit check loans up until $4K with an average APR of 160%, this company is ideal for taking loans.

OppLoans offer a fast approval process, so all it takes are a few details about yourself to get your money.

2. Get $300 Now by Getting this Card

You could get $300 for free just by signing up for Aspiration zero debit card.

All it takes is making at least 3k in cumulative transactions within 90 days of opening an account (do shopping or paying bills).

This bank account is legit – trust me when I say that there’s no catch… two minutes is all it takes to sign up online for a new account.

Sign up here.

3. Make $200 fast with Survey Junkie

The best way to make money on your phone is by taking online surveys. I’ve found some great paying sites, like Survey Junkie.

If you’re looking for an easy way to make some extra cash, Survey Junkie is a great option. With this site, you can take surveys and earn points that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. You can easily make $200 fast by taking surveys regularly.

You can join for free, and they will pay you in cash via PayPal.


Imagine being able to try out new products for free and make money in under an hour. Survey Junkie offers 11 million members this opportunity with their app.

Sign up here for free.

4. Get Money from Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another great way to make extra money in your free time. You can get up to $35 per survey, though that is rare. On average, you will be able to make $1 – $3 per survey.

They’re known for giving out fun, top-paying surveys – and there are also other ways you earn cash as a member.

Swagbucks app for money

Swagbucks is a great site for making money online. You can earn rewards from watching videos or even searching the web and getting paid instant redemption bonus points called “Swags.”

They have already paid out over $700 million to its users. Join now and get a $10 bonus.

5. Install App to Get $50 this year

Install the Nielsen app and earn money fast. They will track your usage, all you have to do is keep the app installed, and they’ll pay $50 per year just for installing it on one device.

But if that’s not enough incentive, there are also monthly drawings where winners win up to 10 grand each month.

nielson app to make $200 fast

Get started today by downloading Nielsen Now from either Google Play Store or Apple Appstore.

If you have four devices, install them on all and make 200 dollars fast passively without doing anything.

6. Earn $200 fast by playing games

We all heard the old saying, “Time is money,” right? Instead of playing games on your phone like everyone else and feeling bad for wasting your time, you can get paid for it.

Getting paid for playing games sounds like a dream.

You can find various websites that allow users the opportunity of playing their favorite game in exchange for money or other rewards.

Playing video games will never cause any adverse effects on one’s physical state (unless someone gets too attached).

Here is the list of websites that pay you money to play games.

7. Make $200 Watching Videos

Sign up for Inbox Dollars, which pay you cash to watch fun videos & take surveys. They’ll also give away $5 just to sign up on the platform.

inbox dollars free Paypal money

By spending 5-10 minutes daily on this, either during lunch break or TV commercials, earn another 50 bucks monthly.

Plus, have access to tons of other options to make money online.

8. How to Make 200 Dollars Fast With Focus Groups

Another way to make some extra cash is by participating in focus groups. A focus group is a meeting where a small number of people come together to discuss a product or service.

Companies often use focus groups to get feedback from consumers. You can earn money for your time if you participate in a focus group. The average payout is around $50-$75 per hour.

get free money right now with respondent

You can easily make $200 fast by joining online focus groups regularly.

Market research is a great way for brands to determine whether their products are being accepted in the market and what buyers want.

Respondent is the best place to look for such opportunities.

Related: Best Focus groups to make money!

9. Make $200 Fast with Trim

Trim is a free money-saving app that lets you save $200 easily on your utility bills with automation.

You can save an extra 200 dollars within just a few days of using this helpful app. It also analyzes your spending habits and much more, which can help you to improve them in many ways.

It also helps you cut down on subscriptions you are not using anymore. Plus, it negotiates bills on your behalf, which results in more savings.

trim to make $200 fast

It’s easy for anyone who wants some assistance managing their cash flow or tracking costs so they can stay informed about their financials.

If all these benefits weren’t enough already, then recent updates now provide even greater insights thanks to new features like analyzing credit scores.

Sign up here for Trim to start saving

10. Earn Bonus Money With Apps 

Another way to make some extra cash is by signing up for bonus offers on apps. Several apps will pay you for signing up. You can easily earn $50-$200 in a day by signing up for these offers.

They offer these incentives to attract new customers or users for their products or services. It’s a part of the acquisition cost they are willing to pay for new business.

All you have to do is to sign up with your basic details. And you will earn a signup bonus ranging from $5 to $10 at most places. At other places, you might make $100 or more with few conditions, like minimum spending.

So if you ask yourself, “How can I get 200 dollars fast,” you need to try these apps with bonuses.

Check out here how to get 200 dollars fast with signup bonuses.

11. Babysitting to Make Money Fast

Whether you’re a college student looking for extra cash or someone with years of babysitting experience who needs more money, there are always opportunities in the real world.

Register on websites like, where people will find your past jobs together so they can find exactly what they want – without having to do further research themselves.

make money on

Babysitting is a great way to make extra money when you have school or work during your regular hours. You can easily adjust it around the schedule and get paid instantly after completing services for one client.

If luck favors, then you may find a family with multiple kids who need to be watched over while they go out. This will increase how much cash you earn, and you can easily make 200 dollars fast in a day.

12. How to Make 200 Dollars Fast Sitting Dogs

If you’re a pet lover and want to keep up with your hobby, this is one of the best ideas for making money.

Working for Rover is the best way to make money for a dog lover.


On average, you can get $1,000 every two weeks, as long as your schedule permits.

There are plenty of opportunities out there waiting, so give this side hustle a shot and see where things go from here because, let’s face it – nobody knows until they try.

13. Sell your Skills on Fiverr

If you want to learn how to make 200 dollars fast, freelancing may be your answer.

There’s even an opportunity to earn $200 in one day as long as your skillset matches what customers need on Fiverr.

Fiverr jobs that pay daily

You can list services at any price point from 5 dollars up to 1500 dollars, which gives plenty of room to grow.

There will always be clients who want more than just basic tasks completed, so keep on sharpening your skill set to get higher pay.

14. Shop Other’s Groceries to Make $200 Fast

Becoming an Instacart personal grocery shopper could be a great way to make extra money.

You can sign up through their app on iOS or Android devices and start receiving orders. The average hourly pay rate is $15 per hour.

All the tips you get will be yours to keep.

Instacart grocery delivery app

Now is the time to get started with Instacart. You can earn money quickly and easily by shopping for groceries or everyday essentials and delivering them to your neighborhood.

It’s easy- just select hours based on what works best with your schedule so that you can deliver right away.

15. How to Make 200 Dollars fast with DoorDash

DoorDash is looking for people who want to start delivering food and earn extra money.

You must be 18 years or older with access to a car, bicycle (or other means), and iPhone/Android smartphone. A valid driver’s license holding at least two years of driving experience as well as insurance coverage.

You get paid cash per order once you have FastPay enabled. Rates will vary based on location.

When you sign up to become a DoorDash Dasher, they’ll reach out about orientation.

make money on Doordash

Complete the orientations and get on your way towards making money while delivering food without any strings attached.

Every completed delivery pays off with cash in hand – no experience necessary. In addition, you get to keep all the tips.

16. Charge Scooters for Fast $200

Another way to make some extra money is by charging Bird and Lime scooters for money. These scooters are becoming increasingly popular, and there is a growing demand for them.

If you have access to a few Bird or Lime scooters, you can easily make $200 daily by charging them for money. Just follow the safety guidelines and charge them in a safe location.

You can do it part-time as this is usually done at night time, and a single scooter charges givers you $5 to $13 depending upon its location, etc.

17. Start A Dropshipping Store

Working as a drop shipper is similar to working in print on demand. You work with wholesalers and distributors who manufacture, store, package, and ship your products per orders that you set up through platforms such as Etsy or Shopify.

Find the right supplier using apps like Spocket (for finding suppliers near where you live), then bring those items straight into customers’ hands by marketing them hard.

A little patience will go a long way when getting started. You can start with under $100 of investment and make thousands of profit within a few months.

18. Make $200 With Real Estate

Fundrise is an incredible investment opportunity for people who want to be part of the American Dream. With Fundrise, you can invest like one too.

You won’t have a million dollars required but only $500 – which might not seem much at first glance.

With investment in real estate, you are also diversifying your portfolio to safeguard you from any adverse stock market years.

fundrise sign up shares bonus

We’re talking 8-12% return on your money every year without doing repairs or dealing with unruly tenants.

More and more people want to make money. That’s why Fundrise, an app that allows you access to crowd-funded real estate investing, is so popular among millennials looking for a hassle-free way of generating consistent cash flow from their investments with minimal effort.

19. Invest, Borrow and Spend With M1finance

M1finance is a place for almost all your financial needs. You can invest in your favorite stocks (even fraction shares) without fees or make money by investing in different ETFs available on the platform. You can automate the investments so that you don’t have to worry about placing trades manually.

Then you have a borrowing option available on the platform. If you want to make 200 dollars fast, you can borrow money at 2%.

m1finance free money

Spend money with their cards and earn 1% cashback. In addition, if you add $1000 within 14 days, you stand a chance to get up to a $500 bonus.

20. Teach Online on MagicEars

Teaching basic English is a side hustle idea that could make you money while giving back to your community.

There are non-English speaking countries, such as China, where parents want their kids to learn this language from native speakers or people with good English.

magicears online English teaching

You can join platforms like Magicears and teach children under 12 years old about the basics of English with predefined courses for $25 per hour.

21. Earn Rental Income with Arrived

You can make money by letting your investments do all the work. With Arrived, it’s possible.

The platform is designed so that anyone can invest in rental homes and earn a passive income.

real estate rental income

All they need is to start earning interest on their savings or trading stocks with little effort.

Sign up today to earn Interest and Appreciation.

22. Make $200 Fast with Dividend

One of the best things about building a diverse portfolio is reducing risk.

There are many ways to reduce your exposure when investing, and dividends can be one solution.

I like M1Finance because they make investing easy with plenty of features for beginners who want more out of their investment without sacrificing comfort or control.

On top of that, you can get up to a $500 bonus when you add $1000 to your new account within 14 days.

23. Score a Free Stock from Robinhood

Robinhood is another good investing app after M1finance to say goodbye to fees and commission with free trades.

Robinhood is a free investing app for your phone. They let you do everything, including buying or selling stocks, with no extra charges.

robbinhood sign up bonus

In addition, they offer members the chance of getting one share from popular companies like Apple when they sign up without any upfront investments.

Sign up for Robinhood and get free stock worth up to $225 just by signing up. You can also cash out immediately, transfer funds into your bank account, or trade cryptocurrencies without commission.

24. Make $200 Fast on Social Media

The use of social media is becoming more popular every day. In 2020 alone, about 3 billion people used these platforms to connect with friends and family worldwide.

You can now make money also on social media without even owning a website. But you need to have a good social following.

You can make handsome money on social media if you have a good number of social followers with high engagement.

Join affiliate programs and post your links across social media profiles to make money online.

You can also partner with famous brands, such as Nike or Starbucks; they will pay you a commission if their customers buy something through one of these posts.

You can also partner with brands for sponsored stories or posts.

25. Sell Old Electronics

With little effort, you can sell your old electronics and other unused stuff for quick cash.

All you need is a smartphone or tablet, an internet connection, and some patience. You could try selling things like cell phones on websites like Gazelle.


They’ve paid millions of dollars this year alone, thanks in large part because people are looking forward to clearing out their old stuff.

So get paid to sell old things and clear unused ones from your home.

26. Have A Flash Garage Or Yard Sale

The great thing about garage sales is that you can set up your sale today and make 200 dollars in a day.

To get more people through the door, try setting it outside on Friday or Saturday mornings when people are at their peak shopping.

Just be aware that you need to get the word out about the sale, so that maximum people come to your sale. If no other events conflict with yours, then chances are greater than ever for making a quick buck off these things.

One of the simplest ways how to make 200 dollars fast in a day.

27. Rent Stuff for Fast Cash

Renting your old stuff is an easy way to make $200 fast in a day.

Renting out items you don’t use regularly can be a great option for recurring income. You can even make a few hundred dollars daily for things like car renting.

You might initially think there isn’t much in your home worth renting, but when you start thinking outside the box and considering all those other things they have around -you will just find something.

28. Help People With TaskRabbit

If you are asking, “I need 200 dollars today”, TaskRabbit is the website where you can sign up to do errands and odd jobs for others to make those bucks fast.

TaskRabbit to make money

You signup at the website and get access to a variety of jobs. Task rabbit takes 20% of your every earning. But more time you spent working or doing specific tasks like cleaning houses means higher pay.

For example, someone might make $100 on weekend days, and a few others make around 2000 dollars per month with full-time hours.

So you can easily make 200 dollars fast in one day here.

29. Make $200 fast for Staying Fit

HealthyWage is a company that pays you to lose weight. Earn cash for your efforts. Sounds too good to be true, but you read it right.

Earn paypal money bt betting on healthywage

The founder was inspired by the growing obesity epidemic in America and wanted people to have ways on how they could make fitness more fun with prizes like money or gift cards available at every level of competition.

HealthyWage is the perfect way to bet on yourself and make money simultaneously. You can get cash prizes in exchange for losing weight, which means your profit depends entirely upon how much you work out.

It’s a great idea because it encourages people who want healthier lives by promoting fitness challenges – what could be more motivating than that?

30. Sell Plasma for Money

There are lots of ways to make some extra cash. One way is by donating your plasma, which can get you up to $50 on average.

You might want to check out CSL Plasma, Biolife Plasma, and many more sites that pay near you.

There are no risks involved in making this type of donation as they do all the testing before approving you.

You can make $200 fast if you are healthy with a few plasma donations.

31. Get Paid to Test Apps/ Websites

You can make $10-$20 per test by testing apps on user interfaces for developers.

Some of the best sites to find these jobs include TrymyUI and TestBirds – but there are many more.

Simply sign up at more than one site so that each time you want a new gig, it will show up.

These websites pay you to test the functionality of websites and other things like minor bugs etc. before they release them to a general audience.

You need a basic computer and a microphone for these jobs.

Related: Checkout the best websites that pay for testing apps/websites.

32. Flip Things for Fast Cash

Flipping stuff for profit is a fantastic way to earn extra money quickly.

Many people make a full-time income by flipping things. For example, in their first year of doing this full time, (Rob quit his job and, together with his wife Melissa) made $133k in sales. Learn from them how to make 200 dollars fast in a day.

They are experts who have spent years teaching people how to make a living without any jobs – simply by finding hidden treasures at flea markets, thrift stores, or yard sales.

33. Sell Your Idea for $200

Innovative ideas are in high demand these days, and it’s easier than ever to find someone who will buy your innovation.

3M Company has been searching for new business models since it first started as an executive search firm.

Now all you need is some creative thinking. With so many potential buyers online at any given time, selling your ideas can make you good money.

Send your ideas to companies, and if they are interested, they will ask for more details like prototypes.

Learn more about the companies that pay for your ideas here.

34. Rent Your Car for $200

Renting out your car may be an easy way to make passive income while you’re not using it.

rent car to make money

A company like Turo allows users to list their vehicles on the site, potentially leading them to earn money through renting fees when vehicles go on rent.

The process takes less than 10 minutes, and there are no costs or obligations associated with the listing. Plus, your vehicle is also protected against physical damage.

Trying Listing Your Auto and making easy money on Turo.

35. Become a Virtual Friend to Make Money Fast

The idea of renting yourself out as a temporary friend has been gaining popularity lately, and it’s possible to make 200 dollars fast by doing so.

RentAFriend connects people who need friends for certain activities such as attending sporting events, wedding parties, or business trips.

All you have to do on the site is create your profile with basic information about yourself, then wait patiently until someone’s rent-a-friend request comes through.

36. Do Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping can be an interesting and fun way to earn some extra cash on the side.

Many people do mystery shopping gigs regularly but don’t expect high-paying work with lots of growth potential.

Mystery shopping involves going to a store as directed b the customer, paying attention to the fine details like stock availability, customer service, employee behavior, etc., and making a report of that.

There are plenty of places where you’ll make at least a few hundred dollars working part-time.

37. Get Paid $200 to Post Ads Online

Today, with the rise of social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, it’s easier to make an income through advertising.

All you need are some creative ideas for posts that will captivate your audience while also getting them interested in what products or services they could buy from your ads. A little creativity goes miles when marketing online these days.

The best way to make money online is by owning your own business.

As an expert in advertising on popular platforms such as Facebook or YouTube, you can help push local brands to generate income with more customers.

Related: How to get $200 fast by posting ads.

38. Make $200 on Airbnb

Airbnb is like a virtual broker. When you rent out your spare room through it, visitors are screened before arrival and expected to pay in advance.

You can easily make $200 a day by hosting strangers worldwide who want access to your place.

And with its easy setup process? This site has become an industry leader itself.

Earn extra money, but be sure to provide a good experience to guests like clean linen, etc., and no extra noises. This will ensure that they leave good reviews for you, and you will continue to get more customers.

What to Do With an Extra $200?

The $200 is a lot of money and can make all the difference in your budget. If you have some money left after your immediate needs, here’s how you should spend that extra cash:

Start a Saving Fund – You never know when you will be hit again by a financial emergency. So to avoid any such situation in the future, make an emergency fund where you save some money for unforeseeable future events.

Open an account with Aspiration now and get maximum interest on your money. Everything is done online without any hassle.

Start investing Small – Even if you don’t have big sums of money to invest, start now with $5 or $100. The best app for such savings is Acorns, where you can save even cents.

Acorns will keep the change whenever you make a purchase and invest it in your portfolio. Put the remaining $200 earnings in Acorns apps and get a $10 bonus by signing up here.

Final Thoughts on How to Make 200 Dollars Fast

There are several ways to make $200 fast; some may be better for you than others.

You must take the time to research what will work best for your situation, but if you need quick cash and looking for ways on how to make $200 fast online, you’ll find some good advice in this post.

The key to making money fast is being creative, thinking outside the box, or sticking to your skillset. There’s work available locally, such as yard work, house cleaning services, babysitting, etc.

If none of these options appeals to you and quick cash is needed ASAP, we recommend starting by asking friends and family members for cash. But be upfront to tell them when you will return it.

Let me know which one works best for you in the comments section below 🙂

FAQs on How to Get 200 Dollars Fast

Here are a few common questions that people who are looking to make 200 fast ask:

Is There Any Free Money?

Yes, you can get free money by completing small tasks like signing up for websites or downloading apps. You might be surprised at the available ways, and there’s no need to spend hours trying out different opportunities.

Are There Any Easy Ways to Make Money Fast?

If you want to make money the easiest way, try selling your unused items. That way, you will make money and clean your home from unused items.

The second easiest way to make money fast is by taking advantage of sign up bonus offers. Check out here the list of websites that pay the highest signup bonuses.

If you are healthy and are not afraid of needles, donating plasma is also one of the easiest ways to make money fast.

Should I Take a Loan in Emergency?

Payday loans are a terrible idea for anyone, even if they’re under severe financial stress. These high-interest rates and fee arrangements leave you deeper in debt each week.

If they don’t collect on their loan soon enough, it may ruin your credit score for several years. But if you know that you have some money coming in the near future with which you can pay these loans, then in case of emergency, they provide great relief, especially when you have low credit scores.

Opploans is a great option for taking a small loan immediately.

Can I Trade Stocks to Make money fast?

Day traders often do worse than people with a patient buy-and-hold strategy. Plus, in order to make money, you need funds available, so it’s a difficult situation when you are already in cash crunch.

In fact, a wide body of research shows that those who trade frequently lose more compared to side businesses or entrepreneurial endeavors. So don’t trade the markets for quick cash. Be a patient and long-term investor for good returns.

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