45 Unique Ways to Get Paid to Read Books

Read books for money

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If you love reading, there are legit ways you can make money while doing so. Here is how.

Undoubtedly, books are one of the best forms of entertainment and education. And if you love to read, did you know there are ways to get paid to read books? There are websites that pay you to read.

Yes, it’s true!

The world is going digital, and there’s no stopping it. Even books are going digital, and that means new opportunities for hustlers who want to get paid to read books.

Check out the 26 legit ways to get paid to read books below. Who knows, maybe one of the book reviewer jobs will work for you

How To Get Paid To Read Books?

Can you earn money by reading books? You bet! All you need to do is take the right course of action.

There are many websites where people can earn direct cash, and a few other sites offer Amazon Gift Cards for reading books.

There are a lot of families that need more than just income from salaries to make ends meet. The best way for that is through self-growth because everything else naturally falls into place when you’re happy inside.

One of the ways to make yourself happy and contentful is by reading books. Now you can even earn money by reading books.

In addition, reading has been shown as an excellent pastime that can help improve one’s writing style – so why not become paid readers?

There are several websites on this list where you can register and start earning money for reading books.

Best Apps To Get Paid To Read Books

Mobile applications have made it possible to earn money from your mobile phone. You can use your free time and become more productive by doing tasks that make you money, like reading books.

Here is the list of some apps where there is an opportunity for both knowledge accumulation as well compensation:

1. Scribd

If you are looking for an afternoon activity to keep your mind sharp, try reviewing the latest books on Scribd.

Depending on what expertise they need from reviewers to produce quality content with their readership’s interest at heart, you can become a paid reader.

This can be done by selecting “Book Reviewer” as a job title within their company database and providing genuine feedback after reading each book submitted.

Not only does it help promote new authors, but it also gives people access to some great reads. You can earn up to $50 for an hour of work.

2. BookYap

Books come in all shapes and sizes. But how do you know which book is right? BookYap offers reviews on self-help books with detailed information about each one so that readers can make an informed decision before they buy.

They also have strict guidelines to maintain quality control over their content.

Only professional reviewers get chosen as staff members, and you need to send your resume to get selected. They care about what’s inside these books, so you need to assess that books are both educationally AND entertainingly strong.

3. Goodreads

Goodreads is the ultimate site for readers and book recommendations. With over 50 million members, it’s no surprise that this website has become one of America’s most famous sites.

Their mobile app lets you take advantage of all sorts of jobs available on GoodReads by downloading them directly onto your phone.

You need to send them your resume with samples of your writing; if they like it, they will give you work.

For giving book reviews, you will get ARCs.

4. Wattpad

Wattpad is the best place to get published if you’re looking for readers of all ages.

With 90 million+ active monthly visitors and an application where you can review books and stories on their dashboard daily, it’s no wonder this platform has become such a hit.

You might even be lucky enough to collaborate with them once you get recognition from famous Wattpad community members.

For Reading: Get paid to post ads!

Get Paid To Read and Review Books

If you love books and reading, many websites pay users money for reviewing books. Find the following sites to find book reviewer jobs online to read and review new book releases.

become a book reviewer and get paid to read books

5. Kirkus Media 

Kirkus Media is a reliable website where you can make money by sharing your book reviews.

The most trusted Kirkus Review on Amazon has more value and helps to spread the popularity of novels, which means that many people will see them.

To participate in this process, all applicants must fill out an online form along with some examples from previous work (writing samples).

Submit it for selection and get paid to read books depending upon how long/ extensive each piece is.

They want book reviews in English and Spanish for various books that include everything from thrillers and history to social issues.

6. Booklist Online

The American Library Association’s Booklist is a prepublication review journal for public and school libraries.

They publish approximately 8,000 reviews annually to help with selection, collection development, categorization, and reader advisory.

Their “recommend only” policy means everything they review has been recommended by the librarians as worthy of purchase.

Their guidelines include no more than 175 words (with some exceptions), identifying the audience, and suggesting a plot without giving too much away. They pay up to $15 for one book reviewer job.

7. Book Browse

If you are an avid reader, then Book Browse can provide all of your needs. Get a membership called ‘First Impressions’ to get free ARCs before original publication.

You need to be an established reviewer to get them. Sign up now and send them sample reviews up to 300 words. Once selected, you can start writing book reviews.

book browse

Only limited copies are available, so ensure to get them while they’re available.

8. Reedsy Discovery

The Reedsy Discovery website is the best way to streamline your workflow and get access to hundreds of book reviewer jobs before publication.

You can make money reviewing publications, all while doing what you love.

Once registered on this site with an account – authors will contact you through their messenger chat box (or email) to request reviews for future releases.

Just apply, and when accepted, you can earn money as appreciation from authors in addition to free copies.

9. The U.S. Review of Books

The U.S Review of Books looks for freelance writers who want to write book reviews.

You must contact them with your resume, including samples from previous work; tell what experience makes you qualified.

Even guest bloggers can publish their reviews in their online publications. If you want to go on that route, you can email your review to the editor for acceptance.

10. Online Book Club

Become a part of the Online Book Club with other million members today and get your free books in exchange for reviews.

You’ll also be eligible to receive money from the company for your reviews.

You need to give an honest opinion with insights into the book’s content. Whether you give positive or negative reviews, it all depends on you.

11. Bethany House

Bethany House look for reviewers with established audiences who love Christian fiction and nonfiction books.

You’ll be able to get free copies of the latest releases in exchange for reviews, which could help your portfolio if you’re applying independently.

They say they receive many applications yearly, so you might not hear back for a few months.

If you have a presence on social media like YouTube channels, there is a great chance of getting those free books.

12. Writerful Books

Writerful Books looks for book reviewers all the time. If you have a passion for reading and enjoy sharing your opinions with others, this might be an opportunity to make money.

They offer services like beta readings and reviews, and you can review any book you like. So go ahead and browse through all those great titles today.

To join them, you need to provide previous work samples – just make sure it’s recent enough, so they know what kind of quality content you have produced before.

If selected, you can get paid to read books and earn from $10 to $50 for a single review based on book length and other factors.

13. Women’s Review of Books

Women’s Review of Books is a well-known feminist print publication that shares reviews of various genres like fiction, poetry, etc. WRB sets its standards by fixing missions to advance gender equality through high-quality research which expects the same quantity of knowledge from their employees.

Their writers are top-notch and are experts in what they write about. Because they need to share opinions with publishers who care deeply about these issues too.

WRO creates a space where people can write without fear while being confident enough to show up as themselves–and have fun doing so.

So you need to be well qualified to write reviews about them. For a single review, you can easily make $100.

14. getAbstract

If you love nonfiction books and 10-minute summaries, this is the perfect site for book reviewer jobs.

getAbstract currently has openings in their writing team for science writers to summarize magazine articles or new releases into short paragraphs with key points summarized.

getabstract to read books for money

You need to send them a short sample summary to get selected. They will pay you on a freelance basis.

15. Moody Press

Moodypress is a Christian book publisher that requires bloggers to post reviews on their sites and other sites like Amazon.

You will receive free copies of the titles you review if your honest opinion meets specific criteria.

For more details, click on Moody publishers blogger review program.

16. Publishers Weekly

Publisher weekly news magazine is the Bible of Book Publishing. It targets international booksellers, publishers, and libraries as well as authors.

As a reviewer, you need to share your opinion on both regular books published by big-name companies and self-published books. So that it will help readers decide which they want.

Tips for Writing The Perfect Book Review

What’s the deal with book reviews? Many people think they’re easy, but I bet you didn’t know that writing a summary about what happened in your favorite novel is hard.

It takes creativity and insightfulness – qualities most people lack when pumping out those quick words students are forced to do for their English classes back home.

Important tips to keep in mind when writing a book review:

  • You must be honest and fair
  • It must be well written in clear language
  • Reviews must add value to readers
  • Reviews must not be plagiarized or published elsewhere
  • It should be entertaining so that reader is not bored
  • No foul language should be used
  • Reviews should be short and crisp, usually less than 350 words
  • Must describe the core of the book well without revealing too much
  • Be professional and do the work within deadlines

If you keep these points in mind, your reviews will stand out, and you will be able to make more money by reviewing more books.

Get Paid To Read Books Out Loud

If you don’t want to write reviews, there are other ways to get paid to read books.

Here your task will be acting as a voiceover artist and reading books aloud. One must have clarity with skills in creating podcasts by themselves or through their recording studio to make money reading books.

You can get paid from $15-$35+ per hour, depending on how long it takes.

17. Voice Bunny

Voice Bunny is the go-to website for voice artists looking to make extra cash. You can apply here and get a potential client base as soon as you log in with your account.

All it takes are specific qualifications like sharing an audio file or completing projects by the deadline; and you can choose your rates.

Once you apply and qualify, you can start applying for various book reviewer jobs on the platform.

18. Spoken Realms

In Spoken realms, you can narrate graphic novels or read podcasts. They hire experienced and talented artists.

It is a member of SAG-AFTRA (Union for over 160 thousand professionals) and ACTRA(A Canada based union with 27000 performers).

You can earn a per-finished hour while recording an audiobook. This is different from traditional studio hour time.

Royalty Share is another way to earn money while helping out your favorite authors. You can get paid based on how many people are involved in the recording and what type of production it was (i.e., webinar versus live event).

19. Brilliance Audio

You can join the Brilliance Audio team as an independent contractor to produce audiobooks. After joining, you can contact the authors for the projects.

The pay rates are competitive, and you will be expected by them, along with other aspects such as skill level or proficiency in different genres of books depending on what they need.

Once approved, your rate becomes negotiable after that point, and you get paid to read books.

20. Voice Jungle

Voice Jungle is the perfect place for voices that want to be heard. You can read books out loud and make money or podcast with other hosts who will help you share stories in an engaging way.

There are two categories on this site – the e-learning industry for narrating Audio Books and podcast narration.

To become part of voice jungle, you need a home studio to record noise-free recordings.
Provide them with a demo or sample of your voice, and if you qualify, start applying for jobs.

21. ACX

The ACX marketplace connects publishers, authors, and studios with narrators. This allows for flexible production of audiobooks that can be distributed through major platforms like Audible, Amazon, iTunes, etc.

Working at ACX could also help boost your business opportunities by providing better pay rates.

You need to record your voice samples and look for work opportunities in audiobook narrations to get started.

22. The Voice Realm

You can get paid to read books aloud on The Voice Realm. This company is looking for voice actors who are talented and available.

They’re willing to provide you with quality work if you can provide top-notch services in terms of quality and turnaround time on recordings (quick). You also need a previous track record of reading books for money.

So prepare your demos today if interested because it’ll be worth all those hours spent practicing your sounds when reading out loud.

23. The Voices

The Voices is an online resource for voice actors looking to break into new markets. You can create your professional-sounding demos, which will help you find work quickly and easily without having any prior experience or expertise.

The site offers premiums accounts with guaranteed payment schedules, so professionals know their earnings are secure no matter what happens during production timeframes. You can negotiate payment on an hourly basis.

24. Voice Crafters

Voice Crafters is the leading provider of voiceover services for audiobook narration and more.

join voice crafters to become voice over artist

This is a great option if you’re a beginner looking to get into this industry. Voice crafters only hire experienced professionals with full-time jobs that have been active within our field for at least five years.

These criteria ensure they get people who will work quickly without sacrificing quality. 24/48 hour turnaround times are expected as well for a 500-word recording.

You can find work in different languages on this platform and get paid to read books.

25. Brilliance Audio

For over 30 years, Brilliance Audio has been dedicated to elevating the audiobook listening experience for everyone across Globe.

This company is open and welcoming towards experienced narrators as well as those who are newbies in the field.

You are encouraged to practice your narration skills by reading books out loud or recording yourself doing so (6 -7 hours per day).

It’ll help you get used to character while learning how different voices work together.

Get Paid To Read Books on Freelance Websites

Remember, this is not your ordinary 9-5 job. This type of job takes patience and dedication to get the work done. So you should find some good platforms where people can post their requirements for freelancers like yourself.

The following list includes a few sites that provide genuine opportunities to find Book Reading Jobs online – all with secure payment methods as well:

26. Fiverr

Fiverr is a website where you can find work and communicate with clients. It’s well-known among major companies like Google, Facebook & P&G, but there are many more to choose from.

To get started, just sign up for an account using your Facebook or email address – once complete, they’ll show recommendations of tasks in your feed based on your interest.

Contact the client and negotiate the price to start the work.

27. Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com is the most reliable option to get work done online, and you can always use chat or live feed for updates on your assigned project status.

They charge a 10% processing fee which may seem significant. But they have a very secure payment system because no third parties are involved in transactions between freelancers/clients on this platform.

Register on the platform and provide the sample file. Then you can look for jobs that match your skill levels.

28. FlexJobs

Flexjobs is a website where you can find all the available opportunities to work from home at flexible hours.

You need to only register, submit your CV, and choose filters based on what kind of jobs best match those qualifications.

After finding an appropriate position through FlexJobs’ extensive database, applicants simply apply online with CV and experience details. After that, you can easily connect with the recruiters and plan the projects.

29. Upwork

Upwork is a popular and affordable platform for finding trusted professionals and recruiters.

You can register as a freelancer with your CV, experience, or list of skills in different categories like designing jobs & marketing services.

In addition, they offer payment secured by 20% commission from service prices which makes it easy not only when posting jobs but also to get paid on time every time without hassle.

With more than 8000 jobs posted on the platform every day, you have a good chance to make money reading books.

30. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is a website that connects clients with expert freelancers in minutes. This website provides a money-back guarantee and anti-fraud protection, which has earned them an overall rating on Trustpilot, around 4 out of 5 stars.

After registration, clients can find jobs through the PeoplePerHour portal and charge per hour of work when matched up for projects.

Get Paid To Read Books For Amazon

Amazon is offering ways to earn money by reading books. Along with doing other things on their website, such as online shopping, it’s possible to get paid to read books. You can become a book reviewer or proofreader.

There are also opportunities if you’re interested in working more generally, like product testers seem like an easy way to get some extra income each month without too much effort required; just fill out forms.

To know more about how to read books for money, read on:

31. Amazon Kindle 

Kindle devices are designed by Amazon and come in a variety of models.

Users can download ebooks from Kindle’s library, which is available on the device, or through third-party apps such as iBooks at iOS App Store for iPhone/iPad users and; NOOK Bookstore via Google Play store for Android users.

start reading books for kindle

You can become an editor or proofreader, and as an ebook editor, you can access proofreading and editing functions that help create customized content on the device.

32. Read & Review Amazon Books on Your Blog 

You can get paid to read books and review them on Amazon. All you have to do is create a section of the site explicitly dedicated to this purpose.

List some books or items that would be perfect fits and get started. It doesn’t take much time at all. You could also earn commissions from sales gained through your affiliate link to these books you are reviewing.

33. Use Other Platforms to Review Amazon Books

Several websites offer customer reviews for books and other products. You can write your review on Amazon.

Other than money, you can also get paid in gift coupons or free books. The money you will earn will depend on the website you are working with.

34. Amazon Product Listing

Amazon’s product listings are a webpage for every item listed on the site.

The page includes titles, images, and price information to make browsing through them easier. But if you want more customers who will buy what they see, there is always room for improvement.

Go ahead and sign up now; to become a proofreader and follow best practices to improve conversion rates across channels.

35. Get Free Books For Reviewing Amazon Books

Reviews have never been more important than now, and if you love reviewing products, then this is the time to make them.

Many companies look for influencers who can give rave reviews of their goods.

You may be that person they’re looking for giving freebies on product evaluations.

How To Become A Good Book Reviewer?

To become a reputable book reviewer, you have to start by learning how. There are many ways for aspiring reviewers to get started. One way is by becoming an efficient user of the website that they will be reviewing books on.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel; just take advantage of those who already paved their path before us. Read earlier reviews that are useful to users.

Be a Regular Reader

This is a great way to improve your English language skills and learn more about the book you read. You can then share with others what you think, which might help them decide whether it should be read.

The first step of doing an excellent review would include giving the time every day for this activity – say around two hours per day.

The next thing we need from ourselves when reviewing any text involves being aware: realizing exactly where each character stands within its own story; understanding why certain events happened.

Give Only Relevant Reviews

When you write poor or irrelevant reviews, it’s unlikely they will help increase your audience.

In addition, being completely ineffective in gaining more followers on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. They can also be detrimental to get more work.

Respect Other Reviewers

It is important always to respect the opinions of others, but it’s also beneficial for you as a reviewer if other people share your sentiment.

You must stick with what feels right to avoid being biased towards or against anything when writing reviews.

In short, become a regular reader to get paid to review books and give genuine reviews according to terms and conditions. Never give fake reviews, and always provide your affiliate link in your review to earn money by reading books.

Full-Time Careers For Book Readers

Not only side hustles but can make a full-time career when all you need to do for a living is reading books.

36. Proofreader

Proofreading is an essential part of the publishing process. You must correct any grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors before your document can go live for public consumption.

So that’s why there are always lots and lots of opportunities around.

It might not seem like much now, but over time this will help level out all those pesky little mistakes you find while reading things online (or even print).

There is always a demand for good proofreaders at places like Newspapers, publishing houses, and websites. You can earn anywhere from $20 to $50 easily with proofreading.

37. Podcasting

There are many benefits to starting a podcast about books, including the freedom to read and review any type or genre.

You’ll also need some technical skills in audio editing software as well as perseverance for when it comes down to how long your audience wants to listen to you.

But once created, monetization options include paid sponsorships through networks such as iTunes Match (a service from Apple), where they can subscribe without ads.

You can earn money with paid sponsorship if you have a large audience.

38. Blogger

Reading habits can help you to build your knowledge and boost your writing skills.

Reading helps increase the quality of content on a blog. Creating more valuable posts will gain readers interested in what you write about.

This means that your audience grows as well! Starting up isn’t hard these days either; anyone with 20 minutes could create their site without any technical know-how at all.

You can earn easily $1000 to $20,000 per month with a blog.

39. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is the new home for book lovers. Whether you want to channel your passion by sharing reviews of recently released titles or doing shelf tours with favorite books, YouTube has a space where content creators can get an audience.

If you got enough followers and hours of views, you could also monetize through AdSense ads and affiliate links.

40. Librarian

A library is a place where people can go to read and study.

Librarians are there for any books or other materials you may need, whether it’s information on the latest bestseller shelf or some deep meaning read.

Libraries offer much more than simply access; they provide community spaces where people feel welcome.

As a librarian, you earn money and, in addition, also get access to an unlimited number of books to read.

41. Translator

The demand for translators is higher than ever before. With the rise in popularity of international trade, many companies are looking to hire freelancers who can communicate with clients and employees from different countries about their products or services across various languages.

This includes both written works (like fiction) and audio dramas, which have become increasingly popular among listeners today because they’re easier on the ears than real-life conversations tend to be.

Become a translator

If you enjoy reading books into other languages, there may be some exciting opportunities waiting just around the corner.

Your skills must be well-honed if you want to make money translating books and other written works.

You might need complete courses or less if you were raised in a bilingual household.

But don’t stop there – idioms and slang often have different meanings than what’s used on American soil because its culture emphasizes pronunciation more than others.

Therefore it’s essential to prioritize and pass the test or get a certificate from American Translators Association.

42. Editor

To be a successful editor, you must have strong communication skills.

These can only come from reading and understanding content attentively, both in print and online. This includes newspaper/magazine editors who decide which articles should go onto their publication’s page.

A degree focusing on English-related disciplines such as journalism will help with opportunity exploration, specifically when looking for jobs within the field of creative writing.

So you need to have a strong foundation in writing and communicating.

43. Tutor

There are many ways to make money from home. One of the best methods is tutoring students and earning cash for providing help in exams, assignments, or projects.

You can find legit websites that offer this type of service where teachers like yourself get compensated fairly based on their time spent teaching someone else’s child.

44. BookScout

The world is a diverse and colorful place, but it can be difficult for international publishers to find the best books in other languages.

This job ensures that your company finds popular additions by searching through various markets – especially ones with large populations like China or India.

You’ll primarily work as an agent abroad, where you try not only to pick out great literature from one country’s market (like Japanese fiction) but also to look into other regions’ needs first-hand.

45. Author

It takes talent, hard work, and dedication to become an author. But the rewards are worth it.

If you have clear thoughts for shaping your reading knowledge into any type of book, then why not go ahead with writing? All that’s required from here on out will be trust in yourself and what kind of genre interests you most.

Whether it’s crime-fiction or novel, sometimes things can get gory, but they’re still knowable by their genres, so don’t worry about being restricted.

Read more books to understand the whole concept of writing books and write one yourself.

Final Thoughts on How to Get Paid to Read Books

The world of freelance work has never been more accessible.

You can make money while reading books by becoming a proofreader, voiceover artist, or even as book reviewer. Just keep working on your skills.

We’ve covered a lot of ways to make money while reading books, and we hope you find some that speak to your interests.

Which opportunity sounds best for you? Let me know in the comments section below.

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